Alphapenguin.Net Privacy Policy

Last updated August 10, 2014.

What we collect tracks you through Google Analytics, cookies and HTTP request logs.

For details on what Google Analytics tracks, see "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps".

You may opt out of this tracking through Google, if you wish.

What do we use the information for

We use the analytics information to improve our website and aggregate information about our visitors.

If you submit a contact request we will use that information to contact you for a follow-up. We reserve the right to contact you back; even through a different channel, number, or address—if deemed necessary and appropriate. Specifically, if you cannot be reached through the contact information you left in the form and your request appears to be sincere, we reserve the right to look you up through public directories or an Internet search.

Do we disclose information to outside parties

We will never sell or share your data with a third party without your permission.

Third party links

You will never see ads on these pages. if you see ads, you may have a malware infection. Please contact your system administrator or ask us for help.

Any other outside links are marked with an external link icon () next to them.